Felt Sense Awakening
Mind/Body Methods for Cultivating Inner Peace and Wholeness 

Hypnosis/ Hakomi Counseling/ Energy Psychology/ Trauma Releasing Exercises/ Massage


In all my methods I honor the wholeness of mind, body & spirit.

Focusing 'Felt Sense' Coaching:
Focusing is compassionate listening and guiding to increase a non-judging awareness of your inner experiences. It promotes a sense of being more present in the present. This method was developed by Eugene Gendlin who did research on what makes counseling effective. He found that when clients do inner sensing of the body in the present moment (which he called being in touch with the felt sense) then positive changes happen more often in counseling, and when clients do not include felt sensing then positive changes happen less often.  I will guide you to compassionate body sensing in order to anchor your mind in the present while safely exploring life issues. Focusing often leads to decreased inner conflicts and greater access to the 'still, small voice within' so you can move life forward in authentic and meaningful ways.

Mindful Hypnosis: 

Hypnosis is an effective,  research-based method for decreasing stress, increasing health, managing pain, changing habits, preparing for medical procedures or recovering from them, and achieving goals related to self-improvement.  I guide you into a relaxed state where you are still aware of your surroundings and yet have enhanced awareness of inner imagery. I guide you to explore and receive messages from your body, your higher self, and even from your soul if you are open to that .  In this enhanced state of receptivity I offer affirmations and positive imagery based on your stated goals to update unconscious habit patterns.  Hypnosis can strengthen your capacity to make healthy life choices by defusing inner conflicts and increasing momentum to meet your life goals.

Peaceful Acupressure Bodywork:
Acupressure is physically relaxing and promotes a sense of peace and unity in the body.  Clients lie face up and are fully clothed while receiving a full-body acupressure sequence. Clients are silent at times, and also are free to speak about whatever seems important in the moment.  Clients often report that this method allows them to feel nurtured and more whole, and many report receiving inner guidance during sessions.  Aminah Raheem developed this method which she calls Soul Lightening Acupressure.
Dynamic Energetic Healing Method (DEH): 
DEH is a unique energy psychology method that focuses directly on locating the original experiences behind stuck patterns, and releasing the stuck energy at 6 levels of your mind-body system (thinking, feeling, body, soul, aura, and chakras).  I use muscle testing to ask yes or no questions to pinpoint the origins of current life issues (origins can be in current life, past life, between lives, and ancestral time frames).  I then use several energy psychology techniques (including EFT tapping, sacred sound, chakra balancing, and frontal/occipital holding) to release the negative influence of these original traumas and limiting experiences. 

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE):

The TRE method is a way to de-stress your nervous system by doing ongoing nervous system 'tune-ups'.  I guide you through gentle leg stretches that lead to body tingling and tremoring which is the body's way to safely and naturally release nervous system tension.  You can learn TRE exercises in one or two sessions in my office, and after that you can practice TRE at home.  After TRE sessions clients often report feeling calm, peaceful, and even sleepy, although some people report feeling more energized.  

Acupoint Tapping:
I guide you to tap or hold points on the upper body to interrupt stuck energy patterns and to release blocks, reduce stress, and manage cravings. You can learn this to do for yourself any time for effective stress-relief. Also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (see www.Emofree.com).