Felt Sense Awakening
Mind/Body Methods for Cultivating Inner Peace and Wholeness 

Hypnosis/ Hakomi Counseling/ Energy Psychology/ Trauma Releasing Exercises/ Massage


--A bird showing how to live in balance, even when it rains-- 

About Me:  I grew up in the very urban, industrial, economically strained city of Detroit, Michigan.  I attended a Quaker school where the teachers emphasized non-violence, standing up for what you believe, and the value of every life.  I get migraine headaches, and this has given me a strong interest in mind/body methods that are effective in managing stress and alleviating chronic pain. 

     My Sociology thesis focused on shame and grief in the dying process. My Social Work degree focused on hospice support and individual counseling. I am now studying to get certified to teach classes in Focusing.

     I live in Portland with a long-term partner and two sweet pugs. I enjoy our daily walks around town.  I also love vegetarian cooking, reading, writing, hiking, and visiting the ocean whenever I can.