Mindful Presence
Mind/Body Methods for Cultivating Inner Peace  

Hypnosis/ Hakomi Counseling/ Energy Psychology/ Trauma Releasing Exercises/ Massage


     I grew up in the very urban city of Detroit, Michigan.  I was lucky to attend a grade school where the teachers emphasized non-violence, social justice, and the value of all life. These values are still with me. 

     Since high school I have been visited by migraines. Having this chronic dis-ease has led me to have a strong interest in mind/body methods for managing stress and alleviating chronic pain. 

     My body felt very stressed being in the social work profession. I studied Hakomi Mind/Body therapy and other mind/body methods which are wonderful. Then I fell in love with Focusing which has taught me to relax by felt sensing and to really  listen to the wisdom of the body just as it is.  For me, focusing feels like a way "home." 

      I live in Portland with a long-term partner and two sweet dogs. I go hiking and to the ocean for fun, and love cooking vegetarian food.